Collaboration Centre for Quality Learning in Humanitarian Action

Collaboration in action in Nairobi, Kenya (c) Nathan Siegel for RedR UK
Humanitarian training providers play a vital role in contributing to the delivery of a response that is effective and efficient, with increased local participation and ownership.
Humanitarian training and assessment providers are also instrumental in helping individuals to build skills and competencies to work effectively in the sector. However, there is not currently a universal accepted learning and assessment standard that training providers can refer to, in order to meet the requirements of quality assurance across the sector. 
The Collaboration Centre for Quality Learning in Humanitarian Action seeks to develop a sector-recognised standard for quality assurance and competency assessment of humanitarian practitioners that meets the needs of individuals and humanitarian agencies.
This project is funded by the Humanitarian Leadership Academy, and RedR UK will partner with the Bioforce Institute and Pearson Education to ensure the professionalisation of the sector, by creating mechanisms for quality assurance and learning. The project will work with the Collaboration Centre on Quality Learning, led by the Bioforce Institute. The centre will develop a quality learning standard for training providers that will be recognised across the sector. It will also develop a standard for learning assessments that will allow both training providers and humanitarian workers to assess competency.
Within the next two years, RedR UK will contribute to the project work by using its extensive experience of developing quality assurance mechanisms and training to lead on the development of a standard for learning, as well as associated resources, which will include a guide for users. RedR UK will also oversee the work of Pearson Education in developing quality assurance mechanisms for the standard and will contribute towards the standard for learning assessment.
By creating sector-wide standards for both learning and assessments, it is hoped that this project will not only lead to a more professionalised sector, but will also ensure that aid workers are better equipped to respond to humanitarian crises by supporting the development of their competencies.  
Bioforce Institute  Humanitarian Leadership Academy (HLA) RedR UK Pearson Education

Pearson Education is an education organisation that helps charities to have a social impact through learning.
Humanitarian Leadership Academy is a global learning initiative set up to facilitate partnerships and collaborative opportunities to enable people to prepare and respond to crises in their own countries. 
Bioforce Institute is a non-profit organisation that provides training, support and accredited certification to national and international crisis response stakeholders, both individuals and organisations.  
Image (c) Nathan Siegel for RedR UK