Tailor-made case studies

Kindernothilfe"We wanted to establish a conceptual framework as well as specific plans and procedures to help us manage the security of our staff. RedR therefore designed and guided us through workshops for the writing of a global security concept, as well as specific security plans for our programmes in Pakistan and Sri Lanka, and provided feedback on our draft documents.

"Working with RedR was great as they managed to guide us towards concepts and plans that are in line with professional standards in security management while taking into account the specifics of the way we work as an organisation. As a consequence we now have concepts that are both state of the art and are very well adapted to our overall structures and strategies."

David Kowertz
Teamleader South Asia & Eastern Europe

Austrian Red Cross "Lack of project management competence was resulting in ad hoc response planning, with Team Leaders tending to lose the bigger picture while concentrating on day to day business. RedR planned and conducted a training of Project Management in the Field, providing understanding and applicable tools for the Emergency Response Unit Team Leaders to implement in their field missions.

"Although we have not formally evaluated it yet, the feedback from Team Leaders on mission in Haiti has been very positive. This improvement in skills should contribute to increased quality of disaster-response missions.

"Having worked with RedR in an ECHO-funded project prior to this training, we appreciate the non-bureaucratic, ‘customer-oriented’ approach of RedR!"

Jürgen Högl
Head of National Disaster Management
Austrian Red Cross


The training brought together international staff working on HR and finance to provide an opportunity to review organisational policies and protocols and to equip these staff with a sound understanding of the need to adjust roles, responsibilities and tools to the operational emergency context. 

After two and a half days of role specific trainings, the HR and finance groups joined together on day three to discuss joint planning and decision making before taking part in an experiential learning simulation exercise and debrief on day four.

“This training gave me the opportunity to sharpen my skills on how to react and what to do practically during an Emergency. My understanding of the emergency context, along with the specific HR and Finance tools to be developed and implemented, has also improved.  Now, I react more promptly when I am requested to prepare deployment documents like MOUs, contracts, etc., and I actively take part to discussions and meetings around emergency” 

Philippe POUYO
Country HR Manager, Togo
Plan International

"RedR teamed up the HR and Finance departments to effectively and productively work together in emergency response. All the topics developed by RedR were relevant to what is needed to help improve our work in the field and to respond to donors requirements with the production of quality reports and at the same time to increase Plan International capacity to intervene in DRM emergency responses. At the training the different countries shared useful experience from their respective counties and of course each has gained something that has added value the training we received.” 

Farakoma Batoumate
Acting Country Finance Manager / Plan Togo
Plan International