Online security training

Mission Ready is an interactive online training platform designed for aid workers in the field.

Mission Ready uses cutting-edge technology to enhance learning through real-time, ‘point-of-view’ (POV) video scenarios, putting aid workers in the kind of situations they are likely to face in the field. This innovation in training results in an immersive and engaging learning experience, which is essential within the current global security challenges.  

Mission Ready is the product of a close collaboration between RedR UK and Digital Training Solutions (DTS) and is guided by security experts from 13 leading NGOs, humanitarian forums and security platforms. Mission Ready also worked with award-winning filmmakers to make the learning experience as realistic as possible. 



At present Mission Ready offers two courses which can be accessed together or separately: 

1. Field Security Management – aimed at mainstreaming established security protocols and behaviours into the daily life of all field-based staff. This course has been developed to suit those who are approaching field security for the first time.

2. Remote Security Management (available mid 2016) – aimed at remote security managers and staff whose security is being remotely managed. 



Mission Ready combines a range of e-learning techniques to fully engage the user. These include:

Short documentaries featuring leading humanitarian security experts

Concise and relevant written content

Short learning activities linked to the written content  

An assessed interactive POV video scenario


The interactive video scenarios are a chance for the user to test out their new knowledge in real-life scenarios. Feedback is then given at each decision point in order to maximise the knowledge gain and they also have the chance to go back and start again if they wish. 


This online resource has been designed to meet the security needs of organisations with field staff working in hostile environments who can benefit from flexible online self-study. The course is for ALL field-based staff, not just security focal points or managers.

Mission Ready is intended to be accessible to as many people as possible - particularly aid workers in isolated locations, and those who don’t have access to face-to-face security training. With this in mind:

It is available in English, French, Arabic and Spanish. 

The user can choose between low and high bandwidth options.

We are currently also working on an app version to mitigate the intermittent internet connection issues users may face in the field.  

A banded pricing structure with licences starting at just $5


Mission Ready is a stand-alone course. However, it can also complement face-to-face training, such as RedR UK’s Personal Security for Humanitarians and Certificate in Security Management.

To purchase Mission Ready or for any questions, feedback, as well as promotional opportunities, please go to:

For more information on other RedR security courses, visit our course finder and search (under 'Topic') for 'Safety & Security'. 

Twitter: @MissionReadyUK


The design and build of the system is being jointly funded by UK Aid (DFID) and USAID/OFDA.

This media product is made possible by the generous support of the various agencies. The contents are the responsibility of RedR UK and do not necessarily reflect the views of USAID.