Personal Security and Security in the Field- tailor-made

Location: Islamabad, Pakistan
Residential: No

Personal security training is crucial for anyone working in an insecure or hostile environment. This course has been to designed to provide the most relevant and challenging training, specifically from an NGO perspective for NGO workers.

The course is designed to put participants under stressful circumstances, preparing them for the worst case-scenario.  Essential classroom theory is complimented with real-life simulation confronting key issues such as roadblocks, abduction, weapons, mines and crossfire.  This training will help trainees to reduce security risks and provide the tools to deal with situations that could compromise personal safety and that of colleagues. 

We are now able to offer emergency first aid as an optional one day add-on.  Please talk to our training team to find out more.

By using the tailor-made service you are not limited to the full three days of the standard PSSF course, nor the specific topic areas covered. We would be happy to tailor the agenda to meet the needs of your organisation by adapting, adding or removing modules. 

An Overview of the Personal Security and Security in the Field-Tailor-made Training Course

Who should attend? 

Those whose role required them to work in the field or a regular or occasional basis.

What does the course cover? 

The course will introduce a variety of measures to reduce the likelihood of security-related incidents taking place and gives guidance as to the appropriate responses when incidents do occur. 
This course covers; context assessment; assessing risk, threat and vulnerability; developing security strategies; personal communication; security planning; field communications equipment; stress management; coping with sexual violence; vehicles and travel security; evacuation planning and procedures; abduction, detention and kidnap; surviving hostile environment

By the end of the course participants will be able to:

  • Explain the importance of understanding your role and the security environment
  • Be able to undertake a context analysis and a personal risk assessment
  • Demonstrate immediate responses to hostile environments
  • Effectively contribute to a security planning processDescribe measures to reduce personal and team vulnerability to a range of threats
  • Explain the importance of cultural awareness and sensitivity, team working, interpersonal communications and how diversity impacts on security

Course structure:

As a guide, the Personal Security Workshop usually runs between two to four days. However, we would be delighted to work with you to create the training solution that best meets your needs.

For more information, to discuss course content, or for a quote, please contact our training team.

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