Context: Management and Leadership Skills Development Programme (Ethiopia)

Date: 20 Feb - 31 Oct 2017
Length: 254 days
Location: Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
Residential: Yes

*Context is led by Oxfam GB with support of the UK Department for International Development’s Disasterand Emergencies Preparedness Programme.*

About The Project

Do you want to learn core humanitarian skills? Or are you a manager ready to help your staff to step up as leaders of humanitarian interventions?
Context is designed to help you, or your staff, to develop core humanitarian competencies and leadership skills in order to improve the quality of emergency response. Context focuses specifically on strengthening the national capacity to respond.   In 2015-17, RedR UK will be implementing the Context Programme in the Middle East and East Africa. Context is based on the Core Humanitarian Competencies Framework, and provides high-quality participative capacity building that is contextually relevant and delivered by highly skilled local RedR facilitators. The programme is comprised of two learning programmes:

Management & Leadership Skills Development Programme

This is a nine-month inter-agency programme providing continued professional development to national agency middle/senior management staff, in their current roles. The programme examines key aspects of management and leadership in emergency situations. Key topics include implementing effective humanitarian response, inter-agency collaboration, communication skills, leadership skills, as well as professional development.

Learning Methods 

The format of both learning programmes encourages participants to set targets and reflect on their progress, whilst “on the job,” as part of a coherent and high-quality staff development programme. Learning methods include:
  • Two face-to-face workshops (each three days)
  • Coaching (in collaboration with People In Aid)
  • Practical course work
  • Learning on the job
  • Self- directed learning
  • Group work
Staff members will be actively supported by their agency and line manager throughout the programme and will take ownership of their learning process. The programme offers a unique opportunity to share best practice and establish a common, high quality learning experience for humanitarian staff in different parts of the world.

Organisational and Staff Benefit 

Evidence from the 2011 pilot shows that Context’s two programmes provide participants with positive affirmation about their roles in humanitarian work, help them feel better prepared for the future, and better able to see their own role in a wider context.


Existing staff in key team leader or management positions from all programme areas or disciplines are targeted. Participants would be middle to senior staff, who are likely to be called upon to manage some aspect of a small-medium scale emergency response. This programme examines key aspects of management and leadership in emergency situations.

TIME FRAME & Location

This programme will be taking place in Ethiopia between February and September 2017. The two face-to-face workshops will take place over the following dates:

Workshop One

Day 1 – 21st February 2017
Day 2 – 22nd Februry 2017
Day 3 – 23rd February 2017
Day 4 - 24th February 2017

Workshop Two 

Day 1– 23rd May 2017
Day 2 –24th May 2017
Day 3– 25th May 2017 
Day 4 - 26th May 2017
Graduation event
September 2017



-National Staff 

-Selection will consider current location

-Selection from all posts, e.g. all areas of programme and support functions



- Commitment to take on the role in a humanitarian response

-Holds a management position

-May be an experienced manager but in development/transitional rather than humanitarian

-Would be key post if emergency happened in country or key partner in humanitarian delivery

-Demostrable learning ability: demonstrated learning from experiences to date, willingness to learn and experience new things

-Commitment to attend all modules and engage fully in the process -face-to-face training, telecons, self-learning, peer learning and course work

-Commitment to develop individual potential to take on new role and skills

-Able to participate fully in the course using the English language


Agency and line manager

The agency must be prepared to invest in this individual through overall commitment. The agency should give support for the duration of the programme, inclucing in participants' engagement with work before, between and after workshops. It is expected that the manager gives an overall commitment to provide supportive dialogue and action to help maximise the learning opportunities (i.e. performance discussios with the staff member during the programme). Prior to the programme, the manager should discuss with the individual why the programme fits with his/her learning needs identified during performance appraisal and relate to identifying career progression. the application should be submitted by the applicant's manager.



The course is offered at no charge. However, organisations of the participants will be expected to make a contribution to the cost their staff participating in the programme for transport and accomodation for the workshops, based on the following bands:


Travel  Acommodation
Band A: National NGOs and government Pay for travel costs to and from the training location Accomodation fully subsidized 
Band B: International NGOs and UN Pay for travel costs to and from the training location Accomodation: (Bed, breakfast and dinner, for 2 workshops each 4 nights)
  • 1st Participant will pay full cost of the half board accomodation of Kes 60,000

  • 2nd participant at 50% of the cost of Kes 30,000

  • 3rd participant at no charge

N.B. Female Participants Accomodation costs will be fully subsidized. RedR UK will cater for 2 teas, lunch, training materials, facilitation costs and the above mentioned subsidies.


How to Apply

To apply for the Management and Leadership Programme, please download and complete the application form and return it to us at by the 30th December 2016. 

 If you have any questions regarding the application, please contact: 



Context is an initiative of the START Network, and falls under START Build’s Talent Development Programme. Context is led by Oxfam GB with support of the UK Department for International Development’s Disasterand Emergencies Preparedness Programme.




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