Certified courses

Essentials of Humanitarian Practice
Watch our Essentials of Humanitarian Practice training film.

We offer a whole range of certified and credit-rated courses.

In partnership with Oxford Brookes University we offer Masters-level credit-rated courses in:

  • Field Logistics in Emergencies
  • Needs Assessment in Emergencies
  • Essentials of Humanitarian Practice
  • Managing People and Projects in Emergencies
  • Certificate in Security Management
  • Children in Emergencies

These Masters-level courses are worth 10 credits each (a complete Masters in the UK is worth 180 credits) and involve pre-course reading, five days of face-to-face training including an in-class assessment and a post-course written assignment.

The UK’s National Qualification Framework (NQF) rates all courses in terms of demand on the learner so they can be easily compared. Masters level courses such as ours are level 7 of 8 possible levels.

Credits are also recognised internationally and our courses are equivalent to level 7 on the European Qualifications Framework (EQCA). On the European Credit Framework, two UK credits are worth one European credit (ECTS), so our courses are the equivalent of 5 ECTS.

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