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Refugee Response Training: New Dates Announced for Summer 2016

05 May 2016

Looking out to sea, Lesbos © Amy Murrell


We are delighted to announce that RedR UK has received funding from the Stanley Thomas Johnson Foundation to support our response to the European refugee crisis. With this support, we will be running a series of two-day workshops for volunteers and grassroots organisations operating in northern France, in Serbia and in Greece, and for UK-based volunteers travelling to locations across Europe. 

In addition, we are pleased to be continuing our partnership with the Humanitarian Leadership Academy. Drawing on humanitarian professionals from INGOs working in the response, we will be delivering the two-day volunteer orientation workshop in an additional eight locations over the coming months.

The workshops will provide a crucial introduction to key considerations to ensure volunteers are able to understand the context in which they are working, and to operate more effectively while keeping themselves and those they are working with safe and secure. Read more about the project here.

Details of the workshops can be found on our course finder, which will be updated as and when dates and locations are confirmed. Currently, the following courses have been confirmed:


London, UK

Manchester, UK

Calais, France

Dunkerque, France

Skopje, Macedonia

Lesbos, Greece

Belgrade, Serbia

Ljubljana, Slovenia

Zagreb, Croatia

Photo © Amy Murrell for RedR UK 


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