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Myanmar: New open courses to run in March 2017!

08 February 2017

Flooding in Myanmar (c) EU ECHO Pierre Prakash


RedR UK is delighted to announce that we'll be running five more open courses for humanitarian staff in Myanmar in March 2017. 

"The humanitarian context in Myanmar is extremely complex, and needs are extensive - but because the sector is still developing, training opportunities remain relatively limited," explains Programme Manager Katie Robertson. "This new set of courses consolidates and builds on the work we've been doing in Myanmar over the past year or so. Over ten days, we'll be running some of the courses that have been successful in the past, along with some additional courses that cater to the needs of humanitarian staff responding to natural disasters and chronic displacement in the country." 

"We're particularly pleased to be running Gender, Age and Disability Programming for the first time in Myanmar. It's a relatively new course that is extremely relevant as the global humanitarian sector strives to ensure that programmes are inclusive of people who are most at risk." 

The following courses are now available for booking:

Please contact with any queries. We look forward to seeing you there!

Image (c) EU / ECHO / Pierre Prakash, made available via Creative Commons

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