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Fundraising tips for cyclists


Set up an online fundraising page

We suggest you set up an online fundraising page because it’s an easy, efficient and time-saving way to ask for sponsorship. You can easily promote your page to friends, family and colleagues via e-mail and social media!

RedR will often receive 25% extra from your sponsors if they donate online, as they can give Gift Aid. We suggest using Virgin Money Giving because it is not-for-profit – and as a consequence it’s cheaper for us, so more money goes to disaster relief.


Reach the target

Have a look at your fundraising pack and the below websites for useful fundraising tips! Or just give us a call.

How your fundraising helps

Every year, hundreds of millions of people around the world are affected by natural disasters and conflict.

We're an international disaster relief charity which saves lives by giving aid workers the vital skills they need to do their jobs to the highest possible standard.

Your fundraising allows us to train thousands of people each year in everything from providing emergency shelter to staying safe in the field, from project management after emergencies to essential water and sanitation skills and more.


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