Wear Red for Sara

Sara Sudanese trainee
Recently, we held a three-day WASH workshop in Kosti, White Nile State, where tens of thousands of South Sudanese who have fled fighting in their home country are hosted, and is currently in the grip of an acute diarrhoea outbreak.
One of the people we trained was Sara. She explains:  
“I studied public health at White Nile University here in Kosti. I attended RedR’s ‘WASH Fundamentals in Emergencies’ training a few months ago. I have found it really relevant to my work, especially what we learnt about communication techniques. One of things that can be challenging when working with refugee and host communities, is that you’re dealing with a wide range of people with very different ideas, opinions, and habits. It can be difficult to reconcile these. Now I feel I can communicate better with them and this has improved my ability to cover [meet] different people’s needs.”

“I came to this workshop because I knew there were still some gaps in my knowledge. And because part of my job is training community leaders in health education and hygiene promotion, I wanted to fill those gaps, so I could pass the information on to them.”

“I gathered some new knowledge...The most useful thing I’ll take away with me and share was the session on chlorination…That was new for me.”

Thanks to your support on Wear Red day, we can continue building the skills of local people. 
Photograph Omer Sari