Wear Red for Dr Hilal

Dr Fahid El Fadil Ahmed
Our experienced trainers are experts in their field, from rebuilding safer shelter to personal security in the field. They are familiar with the humanitarian context in the region, and speak the local language(s). This ensures that the training we provide directly addresses the challenges our trainees face in their work.
Dr Hilal EL Fadil Ahmed is one of them. Although he officially retired in 2008, he is busier now than he’s ever been, undertaking consultancy work and using his wealth of experience to train others working in the field of WASH (water, sanitation and hygiene).
He became a RedR trainer earlier this year, and since then has devoted his time to building water, sanitation and hygiene capacity across the country.
In November 2016, Hilal trained 15 participants at a WASH Workshop in White Nile State, which hosts around 100,000 refugees from neighbouring South Sudan. Over three days, participants learnt six practical measures to combat the spread of water-related diseases - and identified ways to share these with the refugee and host communities they work with. The workshop included hands-on demonstrations of water purification techniques, including chlorination. 
"Most of the workshop participants are working in the refugee camps," he explains. "They have all had ad hoc training in chlorination - but today’s session was much more comprehensive. With chlorination, you’ve got to get the dosage exactly right. Too little, and it doesn’t work; too much and you can harm people."
"This year alone, we have trained more than 400 people," he says of RedR’s WASH project. "This has made a huge difference. These people are an asset to their country. But it’s not enough - we need to do even more! We need to train more people, and expand the project to other states. The need here is very great."
Thanks to your support this Wear Red day, we can continue to support more people like Hilal into the future.
Photograph Sari Omer