Wear Red for Ayat

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With no end in sight to the ongoing conflict in Syria, humanitarian response is moving from emergency intervention, to longer-term capacity-building, and sustainability. RedR is helping to create a sustainable response by providing skills training to local responders. 
Ayat Al-Khateeb and her family left Damascus for Jordan in 2012, and Ayat now works as a Programme Manager with the NGO ‘Response for Needs’, which implements food distribution and shelter rehabilitation projects inside Syria. Thanks to our Context training, Ayat has been able to build vital leadership and management skills and pass these on to her staff, as she explains: 
“Response for Needs is a very new organisation and the team don’t have a lot of experience. As their manager, I have to ensure they’re equipped to do their jobs safely and effectively. I have been training them in the standards I learnt through Context, including humanitarian principles and technical water and sanitation standards outlined in the Sphere manual”. 
“The power is in our hands, because we are the ones who are dealing immediately with the beneficiaries. It’s very important for organisations to give this training to the local staff”.
RedR began responding to the Syrian crisis in 2013. We have since trained almost 1,500 local and international aid workers operating inside Syria and across the region.
Photograph: Joanna Kalafatis